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What Is Sunrise Events ?

SunRise Events, a subsidiary of Nexon Logistics, is a dedicated event management team that is highly organized. Initially starting out by supporting small events, our passion grew to own and organize our own events.

What SunRise Events is Capable Of?

We provide comprehensive event coordination and planning services, ensuring that our guests have unforgettable experiences. Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of event management, from planning to execution. Our commitment is to exceed our guests' expectations by offering top-notch service. We believe in delivering value and creating a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Our features

Trained Staff

SunRise Events VTC boasts a highly skilled and proficient staff who are adept at organizing and controlling convoys.

Supreme Supervision

With their expertise and attention to detail, SunRise Events VTC's staff guarantees a seamless and secure convoy experience, leaving participants with unforgettable memories.

Event Planners

We plan your convoy from beginning to end, select the best route, handle slots, and handle invitations to events.

Why Choose us

We can Provide Support for Public events and Private events But Private events can be Only with Our CC color Codes Vehicle. Under certain Circumstances We Would change the Vehicle Color but Not for Every events.Only for Some Events Like (charity events and some special Occasions).
We Would like to support a small events like birthday convoys.



ITVTC Event Manager

SunRise Events is one of the best Event Supervision team that i have ever seen. They never dissappoint you with their work. Overall it is one of the best Convoy Control team. Boofi has done a great work. First of all, i would like to thank him coz he accepted our request for CC-Supervision at the last moment when no one came forward to do it. Excellently supervised the event..


NGT Event and Lightning Logistics Event Coordinator

SunRise is the best CC Group ever, quick easy fast! The booking was easy! and you guys accepeted our convoy! The convoy went smooth everything did!.I really like how he did everything I loved how he set up the convoy gathered a lead tail superviser everything was in order and in general i loved it.